Core and Cardio Fusion Bootcamp

Details for our Summer Body Bootcamp

Fusion class is a co-ed fitness program designed for ALL ages.

Everybody and anybody can do it— each exercise in this program can be MODIFIED or AMPLIFIED because we know that everybody's fitness journey is unique! So, whether you're just starting your fitness journey or you're well on your way, you are guaranteed a safe and effective workout.

There will only be SIX slots per session so that you can receive personalized attention from your very experienced trainer.

Sister’s Pilates fosters a NON-COMPETITIVE environment and groups will motivate, encourage, and support each other.

There will be three 55-minute sessions per week, for five weeks, which means a total of 15 amazing small group sessions to get you toned, fit, and fabulous!

The best part... the whole package is only $375!

What exactly is a Core and Cardio Fusion class?

A fusion class blends together different types of workouts so that you can get the maximum benefits of each. 

Our Summer Body Bootcamp will combine specialized Pilates equipment called Reformers, Stability Chairs, Strength Towers, Arc Barrels, and more plus, personalized  mini trampolines--all leading to a safe and effective full-body workout.

PILATES greatly enhances balance, muscle tone, and abdominal strength.  The overall outcome of a Pilates practitioner is a longer, leaner body, enhanced physical wellness, and total body alignment. 

   TRAMPOLINE work is one of the latest and greatest fitness trends (and for good reason)!  It's a low-impact cardiovascular workout that gets your heart rate up, burns calories, and helps with balance, coordination, and stability. It gives you a full-body workout without putting a lot of pressure on any one part of the body.  Trampoline training positively affects the lymphatic system and reduces inflammation and cellulite in the body.

PLUS at our MALVERNE studio, we have top-of-the-line RealRyder spin bikes that engage your core like no other bikes on the market.

 SPIN is a great way to burn calories, increase your metabolism, get lean muscles and improve cardiovascular health. Our RealRyder bikes do that and more! Our bikes allow for side-to-side  movement which engages the core in a way other stationary bikes cannot. Your body can move like it would if you were on a road bike. This not only gives you an upper body workout while you ride, but it also keeps the ride much more exciting! 

How Do I Sign Up?

That's easy! Call or text (516) 474.0796

You'll speak directly to Melissa, owner and master trainer, at Sister's Pilates!

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Dates and Pricing

Schedule for Our Summer Body Bootcamp

Malverne Studio

 73 Church Street

Malverne, New York 



MON               TUE               THU

10:30AM       10:15AM      10:15AM 



 MON              WED                FRI

 11:30AM       11:30AM        11:00AM

Merrick Studio

12 Oakwood Avenue

Merrick, New York



 MON             TUE             THURS 

10:45AM       10:30AM     10:30AM 



 MON               WED           FRI

 11:45AM       10:45AM      10:45AM